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U.N. at Geneva
MAHIN's exhibition at the United Nations
Office at Geneva, Switzerland
was formally opened
on Tuesday, September 17th, 2002,
by Mr. Pierre Pelou.

  • For the second consecutive year, opening cocktails for Mahin's paintings exhibition were offered at the "Palais des Nations". This year the exhibition was held on the 2nd floor of the E-Building. http://www.unog.ch/library/culture/culture.htm
  • Mr. Pierre Pelou, Director of the UN's Cultural Committee , welcomed Mahin's exhibition, "Emotions", reminding the audience that last year's freedom-oriented white birds and pastel tones drawn just before September 11, had left room to desperate children amidst Middle East war fields drawn in dark crayon, expressing a dull global political situation and deep personal concerns.

  About the 2002 exhibition:
  • read M. Pierre Pelou's 2002 address in French
  • read Mahin's 2002 response in French
  • read Mahin's 2002 response in English
  • view paintings from "Emotions"
  • view poster of the 2002 exhibition

  • This is a virtual art gallery where all pictures seen are reproductions of paintings by the French-Iranian painter Mahin and shown previously in public or private exhibitions . A number of them are still available for sale. Get more information about the artist or her work by e-mailing Mahin.
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